Giving Back

Part of my inspiration in launching Flourish Maternity was 1. Being able to provide clothing that helped mums feel incredible on their journey of motherhood and  2. being able to give back, do good, make a difference and help charities that I couldn’t otherwise help.  I wanted my website to also provide informative resources that can help mums get through the struggles which is why I created the mummy blog. Establishing this business means so much more to me than an income.  This is my passion, this is my dream and I am so excited to make a difference along the way.  Upon launching my business in late 2019 I selected my first charity to support, without even having a reliable income. 


I chose Save The Children. 


From a young child, I have struggled with learning the pain, torture, trauma and challenges some children experience around the world. Growing up with the most amazing loving family that provided everything I ever needed, I struggled to get my head around the fact that water was liquid gold to some, medical supplies and intervention isn’t always an option and food wasn’t always available.  These things we often take for granted when readily available to us. School was that place we went to play with friends and eat our lunch, it may not have been appreciated at the time, but my life would look so different without an education. 58 million children around the world are currently out of school (2021).   

The above reasons are why I picked Save The Children as my first charity to support.

When children are at their most vulnerable, when disaster strikes, in times of crisis, in places where poverty puts children at risk – Save the Children is there.


In May 2021 Flourish Maternity & Forever Memories Photography hosted a Pink Ribbon, Mums Day Out Event.

My mum was my inspiration for this event, being affected by Breast Cancer in 2020, this was my chance to give back for the incredible support my mum received.  The funds raised at all Pink Ribbon events help fund medical research, raise awareness and education and support, such as physio and counseling for those currently needing it.


Our Mum’s Day Out Event fundraised $2,832.20

We now plan on this being a yearly event.


As Flourish grows or Flourishes we could say, I would like to do more and I am excited for the possibilities and the changes we can make. Thank you for supporting my business, enabling me to give back.


Alisha x