Jacqui's Birth Story

Jacqui's Birth Story

My Son born 5th August 2013 (DD was 9th Aug)

About Midnight on the Sunday night/Monday morning I started getting light cramping kind of like period pain.  I rang my mum, she said yes it could be the start of labour. By about 2/3am it had ramped up and was most definitely contractions. 

I rang my midwife to tell her and tried to get hold of my sons dad, who lived over a hour away.  He wasn't answering so I called his mum to try see if she could get hold of him. Finally we got hold of him and he headed over.  As soon as he arrived my contractions got more intense almost like my son was waiting for him to get there.

At about 6am I rang my midwife who said to meet her at the birth unit. We arrived there at 6.30am and they had the bath filled up for me so I got in and was starting to feel like I needed to push midwife told me to just go with what my body was telling me. That's when my waters broke. I remember when my sons head was born and the midwife said oh his hair is waving in the water reach down and feel it - i wasn't having a bar of that haha.

My midwife and backup midwife had to get me to stand up to birth his body as he was kind of stuck but also it could have been the angle I was on making it hard for the midwife to access helping me birth him. This was at 8.36am, I got to sit back down and have skin to skin with him. I then wanted to get out of the water so my sons dad cut the cord so I could get out onto the bed to try deliver the placenta - this is where things went pear shaped. My sons nana on his dads side had arrived so she stayed with my son and one midwife while his dad and my midwife stayed with me.

My midwife had to help my placenta out. I was loosing to much blood and my uterus wouldn't clamp down. I had to get a catheter put in so they could drain my bladder for my uterus to contract. I had to have an injection to help this.

Almost got transferred to the hospital but they finally got it under control. I had to be checked for rips etc - lucky only slight grazes. Other than feeling like I had zero energy I was fine and happy to have my son with me :) 7pd 52cm



My Daughter born 13th July 2021 (DD was 17th July)

Sunday 12th July night I was feeling off, I felt like my baby wasn't moving as much and I just felt sick so I rang my midwife and went for a check up. All was well, she said it could be because she's shifting into the correct position to come out and that she didn't think I would be pregnant much longer.

I went home and went to sleep. I woke up about 6.30am as I felt a POP I got up to go toilet and I couldn't control the flow. I messaged my midwife and told her I think my waters broke, she agreed. I messaged my mum so she could head up from New Plymouth to Hamilton.

I monitored my contractions and was watching TV and laughing with my partner through them. Suddenly they intensified and I messaged my midwife and said I didn't want to be at home anymore, so we started to pack the bags into the car. My partner stopped to re pack his bag while I'm having contractions in the doorway.

My midwife said we took so long she thought she was coming to our place to birth my baby. We got to the birth unit at about 10am and I was on the floor in the room saying I needed to push, as the water was filling up in the bath.

Once the bath was ready I jumped in and was pushing, out popped her head and the next push her whole body was out and I was holding her in the water 10.40am. As we knew from my last birth, I had issues with bleeding and delivering the placenta. My midwife got my partner to cut the cord and I got out of the water (we had skin to skin). I was given and injection to help my placenta come out and it did with no issues this time (wahoo), then baby was given back to me for skin to skin while my midwife checked everything out. My poor mum missed her birth by 15 minutes!

I felt much better post birth with my daughter, I had so much more energy. 6pd 14 oz 49cm.

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