About Us

Hi, I’m Alisha Harper, the owner of Flourish Maternity.

I am proud mum to my two beautiful children Bailey & Nate and wife to my lovely man Bevan.

The seed was planted for Flourish Maternity when I was pregnant with my first child Bailey.  I was so eager to go shopping and create a lovely wardrobe to wear while carrying my precious bundle and for breastfeeding afterwards if all went to plan.  I was soon disappointed at the range that was available in New Zealand and the reality of how much this wonderful maternity and nursing wardrobe I had envisaged would have cost me.  From that day on I thought how nice it would be to supply affordable maternity and breastfeeding clothing that could make us mums feel great. 

I have heard a lot of feedback from many mums about their wish for more affordable clothing and the sorts of clothes they would like to see.  This has helped me design my range.

Motherhood is this amazing journey from growing our little ones on the inside to watching them develop and flourish on the outside. My goal is to help mums feel great while on this amazing journey. 

I would love to hear your feedback on our current clothing range and any designs you would like to see in the future.

Thank you for your support.