A List of Chores Little Ones Can Help With

A List of Chores Little Ones Can Help With


Do you think children should have chores?

Some parents wonder whether their children should have chores. Believe it or not, chores are incredibly beneficial for children. However, there is a lot to consider before assigning chores that little ones can help with, and how to motivate them to get the chores done.

To get your young ones into the habit of assisting with chores, you may have to figure out which ones they love to do. It’s also important to consider age-appropriate chores.  Don’t force your child to do a chore unless they’re emotionally, mentally, and physically capable of doing so.

Working together as a team makes family life much easier, and it helps your children know what to expect in their daily life.

Here’s a list of chores that you could pick a few from for your little ones:

Chores 3 Year Olds Can Help With:

  • Help with groceries, like putting items in the shopping trolley and carrying a light bag or item into the house after shopping
  • Put away toys and clean up after playing
  • Help make the bed by pulling the covers up
  • Put dirty clothes in the laundry or wash basket
  • Assist with feeding family pets
  • Clean up spilled liquid or dropped food after eating
  • Dust
  • Put away bath toys

Chores 4-5 Year Olds Can Help with:

  • Any of the jobs above
  • Hang up their kindy/school bag
  • Put away toys and clean up after playing
  • Make his/her bed
  • Set the table/clear the table
  • Help with cooking and food preparation
  • Water plants
  • Put away clean dishes
  • Clean up spilled liquid or dropped food after eating
  • Help with laundry by matching or folding
  • Feed the family pets
  • Help wash the car
  • Pull weeds in the garden

Chores 6-9 Year Olds Can Help with:

  • Any of the jobs above
  • Keep room clean
  • Help with sorting washing
  • Set and clear the table before or after a meal
  • Use a broom or vacuum to help clean floors
  • Rake the leaves outside
  • Load/unload the dishwasher
  • Prepare simple meals such as making toast, sandwiches or their morning cereal
  • Help put away groceries after shopping
  • Put away folded washing
  • Help make their school lunch

Chores 10 Year Olds Can Help with:

  • Load and unload the dishwasher
  • Clean kitchen
  • Cook simple meals
  • Change their bed sheets
  • Clean bathroom
  • Help with the dirty laundry
  • Take out the rubbish

This is a guide only.  You know your children best and you know which jobs your children are most capable of doing but sometimes a list is helpful to give you some ideas of jobs you can start asking for help with. If you have more than one child, you could try a Chore Calendar Chart.  This can help assign chores to each child on a daily basis. You may write the chores on a basic calendar that you keep on your fridge, or you could use a whiteboard. A whiteboard would allow you to change the chore chart on a regular basis, making it easier to keep a list of chores that your little ones can help with.

Doing chores gives children the opportunity to see themselves as important contributors to the family. Holding them accountable for their chores can increase a sense of themselves as being responsible. They will feel more capable for having completed their tasks.

Your little ones may not thank you in the short term for giving them chores, but it will teach them valuable skills and a sense of responsibility that will last a lifetime. Don’t forget to praise their efforts.

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