Inspirational Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

Inspirational Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

Over the first year of baby’s life, you’ll document many milestones and special moments, but when it comes to making memories, there’s nothing quite like Christmas! Baby’s too little to get giddy about gifts; they’re much more likely to be smitten with the cardboard box the item came in than the gift itself. Instead, focus on the little things to make sure your holiday happiness lives on in your heart and in your photos!

Here’s some ideas you could choose from for how to make baby’s first Christmas a standout.

  1. Christmas Cards

Celebrate baby’s first Christmas by using a photo of your baby on your Christmas cards.  Cute props like a Santa hat or reindeer antler headband and fairy lights will give it a real Christmassy feel.  Alternatively, your baby will love having their hands painted, so why not make gorgeous Christmas cards featuring their handprints for the whole family!

  1. Decorate the Christmas Tree

Hanging your ornaments is probably at the core of your Christmas traditions, and this year the process of decorating will be even more meaningful. Commemorate the season with a special ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ ornament. A classic idea is to paint your baby's name on a ceramic bauble which can be cherished for years to come.  Making handmade Christmas ornaments is something the whole family can enjoy!  There's something extra-special about preserving baby’s handprint in salt dough or paint to remember how tiny your child was at their first Christmas.

  1. Christmas Lights

Your baby might be too little to understand the excitement of Christmas, but one thing they will love is the twinkling lights.  To make the most of this, introduce as many fairy lights as you can find! Magical!  And of course a tour of all the Christmas lights in your neighbourhood!

  1. Hang Baby’s First Christmas Stocking

Your family has expanded, so it’s time to hang one more stocking! You could buy or make a special stocking for your little one. If you're not confident about making a stocking yourself, you could pick a special one and sew your baby's name on it.

  1. Elf on a Shelf

Your baby might be tiny, but they may still be fascinated by Elf on the Shelf.

Hide him in a new place every night and then take your baby on a hunt to find the Elf!  A Christmas teddy or fairy could be a great alternative too.

  1. Visit Santa (Covid restrictions permitting)

Your baby might be a bit too little to know who Santa is - even if your baby doesn't fully understand what's going on, they'll love looking back on the photos in later years!

  1. Baking Some Christmas Cookies

If you have older children, they will love being involved! Bake some yummy festive cookies for the family and friends who are celebrating your baby's first Christmas with you!

  1. Practical Gifts

Choosing gifts for babies first Christmas can be difficult.  Practical gifts are always a great idea alongside a keepsake or special creation. You could buy book and write a special note on the inside cover each Christmas. They will end up with a beautiful collection of books to treasure. If you are on a tight budget, go for a wander around op shops, you will find some great books near new for a couple of dollars.

If your baby has started solids or is about to, you could get a gorgeous dinnerware or cutlery set.  If your baby is about to transition from the bassinet to the cot in the near future, you could get some new beddingSunhats and sunglasses make great practical (and cute) gifts and add extra protection when taking your little ones outdoors.  There are lots of practical gift ideas that you could team with a special snuggly, toys or an all time favourite – bubble wands!

A lot of families love the 4 gift rule – Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.

  1. Christmas Eve Box

This is a tradition many families have adopted, where a box arrives on Christmas eve….maybe the elf delivered it? There are loads of super festive books for babies you could add to the box and enjoy reading as a family under the Christmas tree. Add in a gorgeous Christmas pajama set and you are good to go.  Oh and maybe some reindeer food to sprinkle on the lawn, you can’t have them going hungry!

  1. Dress Baby Up in a Festive Outfit

Have a special Christmas outfit picked out and ready to go for baby. It’ll make your Christmas photos that much cuter! A Christmas pudding, Santa's little helper, a mini reindeer ... what's it going to be? Protect the outfit with a super cute bib for meal times on Christmas day!

  1. Don't Forget Your Own Fab Christmas Day Outfit!

Always remember that taking care of yourself doesn’t mean ‘me first’, it means ‘me too’.  Flourish Maternity offer stylish and affordable maternity and nursing wear. We know how hard it is to find gorgeous and functional clothing to fit in with the busy mum lifestyle.

  1. Put Together a Christmas Time Capsule

Make a keepsake box in which you can place mementos from baby’s first Christmas (think bows from their first gift, photos from the day and the outfit baby wore). Then mark the box with the year and store it somewhere safe until you’re ready to revisit those memories in a decade (if not sooner!).


Growing up, your parents would have had their own family traditions and now you've got a family of your own, it's the perfect time to create new Christmas traditions.

The festive season can be a real sensory feast for your little one, and an opportunity to introduce them to all kinds of new experiences - there's a whole new world of sights, smells and sounds for them to explore for the very first time.  Experiencing Christmas as a parent is SO magical and it’s so much fun to be the maker of that magic for your children…enjoy!


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