Reusable bamboo breast pads NZ or nursing pads. New Zealand Baby and Maternity store
Reusable bamboo breast pads or nursing pads. New Zealand Baby and Maternity store
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Reusable Bamboo Breast Pads Hearts (3 Pairs)

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Our bamboo reusable breast pads are soft against the skin, they take away the moisture and prevents leaks.  Made up of Microfibre, Bamboo terry and an outside layer of waterproof PUL you are safe from leaks.

Reusable breast pads become more absorbent after a few washes. To avoid losing reusable nursing pads in the wash, we suggest washing in the mesh laundry bag that comes with your purchase. There is no need to do a separate load of laundry, washable breast pads can go right in with your other laundry.  We do recommend to not use fabric softener as this can affect absorbency.

Washable breast pads should be changed when wet to avoid bacteria growth, so have a couple of spare pairs handy to swap them over. When pads are washed and dried, it’s best to lay them flat to keep them from developing folds or wrinkles. 

Breast pads - 12cm Diameter


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